The 39 Clues RPG
Welcome to the role playing motherblog to one of the smallest fandoms on tumblr! Please, guys, join in!

Your Name/tumblr alias: snogyousenseless

Your Age: 20 :’(

How often are you on tumblr?: I’m on in the morning and at night.

What’s your OC’s name?: Valerie G. Tolliver

OC’s age: 14

OC’s branch: Non-Cahill

OC’s background:She grew up in a normal household living under the shadow of her older siblings and is now acting out because of it. She’s not Ivy League-material and feels like she’s a disappointment to her parents.

OC’s personality: Valerie is your average moody teenager. Slamming doors and all. She curses like a sailor and is extremely sarcastic, but is not usually spiteful. She doesn’t have many friends at school, because she tends to be on the quiet side to those who do not know her. She spends most of her time taking care of baby Rose, drawing in her room, and pining over Dan Cahill.

Any special relations to a canon character? Reasons for this special relationship?: Evan Tolliver’s little sister. Reasons? Um, Makaria and Maggie pressured me into it?

OC’s face claim (gif/picture optional): Chloe Moretz

Anonymous asked: jennifer lawrence as cheynne wyoming?

You sound like Natasha, so I’m going to refer to as Natasha regardless if you really are or not.

Jen as Cheynne would be interesting definitely… Why not?


Original Characters

Your Name/tumblr alias:

Your Age:

How often are you on tumblr?:

What’s your OC’s name?:

OC’s age:

OC’s branch:

OC’s background:

OC’s personality:

Any special relations to a canon character? Reasons for this special relationship?:

OC’s face claim (gif/picture optional): 


  • Submit the audition, don’t send it through an ask (making it clear, just in case)
  • OCs will be judged much harder than canon characters. We don’t want Mary Sues in the RP; there are plenty of those on and on the message boards.
  • Most likely, we’ll be giving out pointers on making your OC better if we do find it Mary Sue-ish. You might not be accepted, but we will give pointers so you can eventually be accepted.
  • We should probably do this with the regular character as well — If we notice that you’re getting a bit wishy-washy or out of character, we’ll notify you through your character’s ask. If you don’t fix it, we’ll take your profile down. The blog will still be yours and you can continue interacting with the other blogs, but your blog won’t be recognized as a part of this RP.
  • Remember that this is all for fun. ;)

Despite your lack of enthusiasm, I’m going to go ahead and allow OC auditions.

Form and rules will be up in a bit.

So I’m guessing that’s a ‘no’ for the OC acceptance?

Cool chiz, cool chiz.

Oi! Listen up!

I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, and I think it’s cool to go ahead and accept OC submissions — but not yet.

I want to get a poll of sorts:

How many of you would submit and regularly RP as a 39 Clues OC?


If we started accepting OCs, might that act as an incentive to be more active?



Anonymous asked: you know, something is really wrong with your 39 clues rp. you're turning it into a place where the cahills talk and flirt and fall inlove and bicker. 39 clues is supposed to be fast-paced, and you learn about stuff, stuff that matters. You're losing the whole point of 39 clues.

(this is a basic repeat of what I posted to my personal, guys, don’t read this if you already read that)

I’m so sorry you feel that way, Anon, but it seems like you’ve missed a few crucial factors to our RP:

  1. It’s an RP — as long as Scholastic doesn’t mind us borrowing their characters for a brief time, we can do what we want with them. The same logic applies to fanfiction.
  2. We only have, like, four or five active people (Ian, Amy, Dan, and occasionally Sinead and Natalie). That does not give us much room for anything. I do agree with you, though, Sinead and Hamilton hooked up wayy too early.
  3. We can’t be all that fast-paced since we don’t have an Isabel, Vesper One, or other villain for the characters to worry about. Actually, we do have an Isabel, but it’s been months since she’s been active.
  4. Take a look at the names on the RP list, the list of closed characters. Notice anything? Pretty much the entire tumblr fandom for The 39 Clues is made up of females. Most of these females being around the teenage group. Look at the books. How much romance is in the books? Some, but not much. It’s encoded into the female brain to crave Romance, especially if we relate to a character. I relate, very easily, to Amy. That’s why I write (most of my) fanfiction to her being in a successful relationship, that’s why I occasionally drive Ian to being kind and good to Amy as a boyfriend (while still being in the character I developed for him) — it’s what I would like for myself. Ask around, I’m sure most fanfiction writers and RPers do the same.
  5. We do teach stuff that matters, believe it or not. Not everything related to The 39 Clues has to be historical or geographical. The theme of The 39 Clues, in my opinion, is togetherness. Being there for one another. Look at what I did to Ian — I gave him depression and suicidal tenancies, along with eight suicide attempts (none of which were seen in the RP). Look at how Amy and Sinead and Natalie have reacted to that. That’s saying people love you even when it seems like no one does. Most characters — Ian being a notable example since they’re in a similar predicament — try to talk to Dan when he’s in one of his moods, telling him he’s not alone in the internal war of the darkened mind. Hamilton and Sinead’s relationship — don’t fit the norm, it doesn’t matter what other people say. Ian and Natalie’s relationship — family matters, sometimes it’s all you have.
  6. The characters are teenagers, as well as the RPers, hormones are raging.
  7. The point of an RP is to have fun with the characters in a way that can’t be provided by fanfiction — to almost become the characters. It’s not canon, it’s just for fun. If you truly want the RP to get adventurous, go on anon and pretend to be Vesper One in the character’s asks. Pretend to be some new villain and threaten a character, put *KIDNAPPED* in an ask to symbolize that character has been kidnapped, then go to another ask and state your demands to get the kidnapped character back. Remember, though, that we don’t have many active characters anymore. Anons and people not in the RP are welcome to interact with the characters.

Please consider and analyze what you are critiquing before you critique it. I would love to make the RP like the books, but we can’t do that because we don’t quite have the resources. We’re not a large fandom. We resort to the Romance aspect. I apologize that our RP has not met up with your expectations. I would like for you, though, to go through the blogs of the 39 Clues fandom and see that we partake in far more than the Romance. We analyze, we worry, we cry, we swear to god if they ruin our movie bitches will get cut, we solve the codes, we hope and pray that they go to our favorite locations, we do what any fandom does.

We interact with the books and media in the way we see fit.


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frogprincessmeera asked: Ewan McGregor is too old, though :\

We’ll just have to use Harrison Ford, then.

No biggie.


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