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An audition, coming through~

Name/tumblr alias: Natasha/neverstoptheviolence

Age: 14

How often are you on tumblr?: often enough

What character are you auditioning for?: *drumroll* CHEYNNE WYOMING

Go ahead and give us a short, little paragraph or two audition for said character:


Cheynne sat down in the corner of the room, with her fists still red after punching the wall. She actually never believed that some little, annoying brat can actually escape from her! Ugh. "Nobody ever escape from me!" she mumbled. "Nobody ever escape from Cheynne Wyoming!"

Furiously, she walked towards the drawer near her. Her foot was stomping so loud, even her brother can hear it beneath her. She took out a gun, a normal hand gun with poison darts in it and placed it in her pocket. She then took out this dagger, and began to examine it in this sinister-like fashion. "This time, I won’t let that happen again." 

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So many punny URLs.

There’s a fault in your Mary Sue plan, guys.

I love the idea, but Adrianna was auditioned as not being a Mary Sue.

Re-audition or whole new character.

Personally I think it should be Evan’s cousin, I’ve become attached to the sisters.


Name/tumblr alias: Bettina

Age: 12 (don’t judge me ‘kay?)

How often are you on tumblr?: Afternoons, night times and weekends. Almost everyday :D

What character are you auditioning for?: Ned Starling

Go ahead and give us a short, little paragraph or two audition for said character:

Ned shut his eyes tightly. The memories of the Franklin Insitute were surfacing. He hadn’t known how long it was that he was stuck in darkness, the sound of Sinead calling out both his and Ted’s name. That was the day he decided that the hunt for the clues was more than it seems.

Meet Adrianna Tolliver, drama queen extraordinaire!

Your Name/tumblr alias: Snogyousenseless

Your Age: Do I seriously need to fill this out again?

How often are you on tumblr?: Ditto.

What’s your OC’s name?: Adrianna Jolene Tolliver (“Ada”)

OC’s age: 20

OC’s branch: Non-Cahill

OC’s background: She was raised for the Ivy Leagues, but couldn’t get a big enough scholarship, so she’s stuck at BU. She loves it there, though. Her parents are loving, but distant. They work too much to come and visit her.

OC’s personality: She’s quick-witted and a natural liar, which is why she switched her major from political science to drama. She’s always had a mind for politics, but found that the theatre was really the best fit. It made her happiest to be on stage, not behind a podium. She’s closest to her brother and Valerie, but has equal fondness for the ‘little ones’ as well. She’s an optimist and is constantly cheery (like a certain other Tolliver). If you’re having a bad day, she’s your girl.

Any special relations to a canon character? Reasons for this special relationship?: Evan Tolliver’s older sister. Makaria and Maggie pressured me into this one, too.

OC’s face claim (gif/picture optional): Carey Mulligan

Elizabeth Cooper is ready to bug everyone!

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Your Name/tumblr alias: Makaria

Your Age: 15

How often are you on tumblr?: Mostly afternoons and weekends

What’s your OC’s name?: Elizabeth Anne Cooper

OC’s age: 15 during the Vesper era

OC’s branch: Madrigal posing as Lucian

OC’s background: She was raised in a family that adored Shakespeare. Her older brother, Terry, was her hero even after he killed himself when he had a cancer relapse. 

OC’s personality:  Attempting to be bright and cheery for Ian, who she is very worried about, but can wonder off into her own moods. Very protective of those close to her, especially Natalie. She’s also extremely outrageous, dwelling into what she’s interested in. Her passions from these dwellings include William Shakespeare’s plays and Doctor Who.

Any special relations to a canon character? Reasons for this special relationship?: She’s close friends with Ian and Natalie. Since her family poses as Lucians, she was allowed to become friends with them before the Clue Hunt. After the Clue Hunt, and after Ian and Natalie became Madrigals,  Elizabeth and her older brother opened the siblings up and become a support for them in a time of trouble.

OC’s face claim (gif/picture optional): Kathryn Prescott

Valerie G. Tolliver, at your service.

Your Name/tumblr alias: snogyousenseless

Your Age: 20 :’(

How often are you on tumblr?: I’m on in the morning and at night.

What’s your OC’s name?: Valerie G. Tolliver

OC’s age: 14

OC’s branch: Non-Cahill

OC’s background:She grew up in a normal household living under the shadow of her older siblings and is now acting out because of it. She’s not Ivy League-material and feels like she’s a disappointment to her parents.

OC’s personality: Valerie is your average moody teenager. Slamming doors and all. She curses like a sailor and is extremely sarcastic, but is not usually spiteful. She doesn’t have many friends at school, because she tends to be on the quiet side to those who do not know her. She spends most of her time taking care of baby Rose, drawing in her room, and pining over Dan Cahill.

Any special relations to a canon character? Reasons for this special relationship?: Evan Tolliver’s little sister. Reasons? Um, Makaria and Maggie pressured me into it?

OC’s face claim (gif/picture optional): Chloe Moretz